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Meet Sheetal

Sheetal Ohri is a Licensed California Real Estate Agent assisting in Residential and Commercial Real Estate. She loves meeting people and helping them with their need for homes and property. Sheetal's philosophy is that she firmly believes that entrepreneurship is not just about building successful businesses but also about creating a positive impact on society. 

Her ventures are rooted in values that prioritize innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. With her background in Hospitality, Sales and Marketing, Media and Communications, she leverages all expertise for her clients to get them and offers them the best possible solutions for their real estate needs.

Sheetal continues her entrepreneurial journey, her focus remains on identifying emerging trends, fostering innovation, and creating ventures that leave a lasting legacy. She is the author of the award-winning books “Custodial Battle” and “Second Chances -In the journey of Life.”

She and her Company have won many California State Legislative, California Senate and California Assembly awards for their work. Recently Sheetal Ohri was honored and awarded the prestigious “NRI Indians of the World Award 2023” at the House of Lords, British Parliament in London UK and “High Flyers 50 Global Icon Award 2024” in Mumbai, India.


Punjabi, English